I Want to Talk About Ryan

"I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need. I know god doesn't make deals, but we have an understanding. I told him if he takes care of me, I will tell everyone I know about him until my last breath."

I met this man while shooting downtown today. Due to his knees giving out at a construction job, he has been unemployed and homeless for 17 years.

 Ryan makes beautiful copper bangles from anything he can find - mostly wires from TV's, radios, and microwaves that people throw away in the alleys - and sells them at donation price. This money helps him eat every day. He sleeps in the alley behind Capitol Theater with only two sleeping bags to keep him warm; and for those of you who are familiar with Washington weather, that isn't very much.

I know we're all running around like crazy people buying gifts for family and friends, but if you're feeling inspired to extend your generosity to someone truly in need, make your way to 3rd street across from Capitol Theater and buy a bracelet. Have a chat with Ryan. Get out of your comfort zone and make a connection with a beautiful stranger. No matter who you are, we could all use a little extra support, especially over the holidays.